1. Webcam or smartphone
  2. Mainstream 64-bit operating system



  1. Download the application
  2. Unzip files into a directory (do not move files!)
  3. Run the .exe on Windows
  4. Start the facetracker from within the app



vpuppr 0.9.0 stable

    $ flatpak install flathub pro.vpup.vpuppr

Maintainer: Oro

Package manager

OpenSeeFace-GD (Deprecated, Do Not Use)

Installation for Arch Linux

Distribution specific packages are built and maintained by the community :)


Download the application


    $ cd Downloads/
    $ unzip
    $ cd vpuppr_0.9.0_linux/flatpak
    $ chmod +x vpuppr.x86_64
    $ cd resources/extensions/openseeface-tracker/OpenSeeFace/
    $ chmod +x facetracker

To run:

    $ cd vpuppr_0.9.0_linux/flatpak
    $ ./vpuppr.x86_64


Sorry, no OSX builds are provided :( Feel free to build from source!

Click here for instructions!



Under construction.

Loading your model

First time

  1. Open the model menu
  2. Select your model

Loading a previously used model

  1. Open the preset menu
  2. Select the preset and press load

Available trackers


Runs using your webcam on laptop/pc. The tracker is developed by emilianavt.


Uses the 3D tracking capabilities of Apple Inc. devices to provide tracking data from your phone. Provides data compatible with Perfect Sync models.

“iFacialMocap is an app that captures facial movements with an iPhone equipped with FaceID. This app sends the captured motion in real time to 3DCG software such as Maya, Unity, Blender on PC.” - iFacialMocap website


An Android app that is similar to iFacialMocap.

“MeowFace is a precision face tracking application that can send 42 ARKit-like blendshapes as well as head rotation tracking to PC VTuber applications.” - MeowFace app listing

Vtube Studio

Available for on both iOS and Android for face tracking.

“VTube Studio is an app for Virtual YouTubers that makes it easy and fun to bring your own Live2D models to life.” - VTube Studio website

Mouse Tracking

Not included by default. Follow these instructions to add it!