I read the docs but still need help!

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What is vpuppr?

vpuppr is an open-source project that animates models using the glb and vrm file formats. It is most notable for tracking and rendering 3D Vtuber models.

What are the supported platforms?

vpuppr is currently supported on Windows and most common Linux distributions. OSX is not currently supported, however packaging vpuppr should be doable by following the official Godot instructions.

How do I report an issue?

Issues should be submitted on GitHub. Be sure to include your operating system, app version, logs, and any other related information.

How do I build from source?

vpuppr runs off a custom build of the Godot engine. Get a pre-compiled build of the engine here. After that, follow the official vpuppr instructions here.

Why is tracking is not responding?

Please note it might take a second for tracking to activate. It is trying to track your face! Also check that your face is well lit. Usually having a lamp above your desk is enough. If it’s still not working, submit an issue and/or ask the Discord community!

Why is mouse tracking not included by default?

Simply put, it’s a very niche use-case and is less preferable to real face tracking.

What engine is vpuppr using?

Currently vpuppr runs on Godot 3.x with plans to port over to 4.x once Godot 4 becomes more stable.